Florence adventures continued

The next week in Florence was filled with visits to all the sites, museums, statues and piazzas all around the city.  We had access to all the museums and managed to avoid most of the lines to get in.  Key tip, those group reservations are amazing to avoid the lines for the museums.  During the time that we were there, we would take class in the morning followed by an adventure around the city or a hike up to a piazza then we would relax during the siesta followed by a great little meal.  The evenings were left for us to wander the city and check out what it had to offer.

Some of my most favorite memories of this week were:

  • Sitting along the Ponte Vecchio with my friends enjoying good conversation, the sights and people watching
  • Seeing a ballet in the piazza surrounded by thousands of people and a live orchestra
  • Hiking up to Piazzele Michaelangelo to see full views of Florence at sunset
  • Going to the Duomo and seeing the artwork up close
  • The museums, all the museums and artwork
  • The churches, wandering around and seeing the artwork in the churches
    • For our classes, we had to choose a specific piece of artwork and do all the research on it.  When we went to that church, we were expected share all the history of the painting. It was a great to experience that and learn all about the churches and the artwork. It really brought on a new sense of understanding and appreciation
    • We also did activities in each of the churches where we were required to sit and reflect on what we saw and what we were feeling. It wasn’t necessarily a religious experience or focused on religion as much as it was for us to reflect on the experience that we were having
  • The Oil Shoppe.  Oh my. The Oil Shoppe.  It was a delicious sandwich shop just around the corner from where we were staying.  We went there almost every single day because it was so delicious.

After a week in Florence, we had our first weekend to go on some adventures so a few of us decided we would make the trek to Venice for the weekend.



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