Florence continued

After meeting up with my class we began wandering around Florence as a class to get the lay of the land.  For dinner, a few of us broke off from the rest of the group and went with our professor to dinner.  You see, the way that the professors had set up the class, they had been doing this for years and figured out the best places to eat and hang out at.  In addition, my professor was a Jesuit who had spent quite a bit of time in Italy so he had some great tips and favorite places he shared with us.

We were the first people to show up at this tiny little restaurant since most of us were jet lagged and not quite on the right time schedule.  We sat outside on some church steps and waited for the restaurant to open.  When it was finally time to go into the restaurant, we enjoyed a solid three hour dinner filled with great conversation and story telling. One thing I distinctly remember is that the air conditioning was on full blast and at one point, the condensation in the air had filled the air conditioning unit and it got to a point where it could no longer handle the amount of liquid inside.  What started as a little drip quickly turned into a flood of water landing on our professor in the middle of dinner.  Let’s just say that he was definitely cooled off.

After a few bottles of wine, some amazing pasta, meats and cheese, we finally made our way back to the convent for a good nights rest. Our professor decided to take us the long way around so that we could check out the various sites to start our list of things to do before we left Florence.



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