Things I do on planes

Things that I do to keep my space on airplanes:- I shove everything I own under my seat so that I justify taking up more space in my actual seat. You see, I’m not a large portion and I have ridiculously short legs. I don’t want to deal with people who think they can take some of my space because I’m not large. 

– I spread out. Yes. I put my feet up on my chair and sit cross legged or I cross my legs with one foot dangling dangerously close to the person next to me. I sit straight in the center of my seat with my elbows on the arm rest. We can share but don’t stick your elbow into my space. I paid for my space and I plan on using it. 

– I fidget. A lot. All flight. It keeps people away. I am constantly shifting so if someone starts to impede on my space, I bump them ‘on accident’ and when they shift, I take back my space. 

– I stare and calculate how I’m going to get people out of my space. If they get too close to me, I stare and immediately and very obviously pull away then state some more. It sounds passive aggressive but the jerky motion gets people to realize they are impeding on your space. 

– I put my feet on the leg of the chair in front of me as a way to mark my territory. If someone bumps into my foot while its in my space, I stare. 

I don’t want to say I’m unpleasant to sit next to on a plane, but we are all cramped and suffering. Don’t make my suffering worse to make yourself comfortable. 


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