24 hours in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I hope that you have significantly more time to spend in Ho Chi Minh than just 24 hours but if you are there just for a quick visit, here are a few things to make sure you check out.

  • After landing in the city, go directly to District 1 because that is where all the tourist attractions are.  Take a walk around the city and stop by the Opera House.  It’s absolutely beautiful.
  • Take a walk to the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum and check out the architecture, the French influence and the artwork that is there.  There are windows all around that allow you to take a look at the city outside.  It provides a nice contrast of the city and the infrastructure.
  • Find a Vietnamese coffee shop.  Vietnamese coffee is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my entire life and it’s even better in Vietnam. If you have never had Vietnamese coffee then you need to try it as soon as possible.  It is almost like a combination of drip coffee and espresso that steadily drips into a small amount of condensed milk.  After is done, you mix the condensed milk and the coffee and there it is.  Delicious, strong Vietnamese coffee.  It’s great over ice too.  There are some great coffee shops to check out all around and it’ll be totally worth it.
  • Check out Notre Dame and the Post Office across the street. There’s a park near by that is beautiful to walk by.  There are also vendors near by.  If you see one that does the rice paper fried street food, eat it.  Get it immediately and eat it.  It’s totally worth it.  If you get to Notre Dame during mass, you won’t be able to get in but you should definitely check it out if it’s available.  Also, the Post Office is beautiful on the inside.  There are awesome arts and crafts vendors inside of the Post Office that is worth checking out.
  • At night check out the plaza in front of the Parliament building.  At night it is packed full of people and is great for people watching.  There’s also a great fountain that you can walk through and it lights up at night.

If you end up having more time, check out the Vietnam War Museum.  It is heartbreaking but it’s a part of history.  If you’re able to leave the city, check out places like the Co Chi Tunnels or the MeKong Delta.  It’ll take you a few hours to get out there but it’s definitely worth it.

Do you have any suggestions for Ho Chi Minh?


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