The Getty, Los Angeles

Adding to the list of things that I have done in Los Angeles, I finally went to The Getty Center.  I actually didn’t know this place existed until my friend told me it was on his bucket list so we went.  Getting there wasn’t bad on a Saturday during the holiday weekend.  It took us about 20 minutes to get up there from Marina Del Rey and we were able to find parking.  There’s a church across the street when you show up that does not allow parking for The Getty Center.  Do not try and park there.

We entered into the parking garage, parked, took the elevator up to the tram line and waited.  You can either hang there and wait in line to get on the tram which runs every 5-10 minutes or you can do the hike up the hill which is about 15 minutes up.  We opted to wait in line since we weren’t sure what we were up against in terms of the hike up plus we were both wearing sandals that were not quite broken in. The line moves quickly and then you get on the tram and it’s a nice little ride up to the top of the hill to the museum.

When you walk up, there are so many things to see.  It’s kind of crazy because you have so much to see and you really need to plan a few hours to see it.  We got there around 4, left around 730 or 8 and it was still open for another hour.  There are all these wonderful view points that you can see all different areas of Los Angeles dependent on where you stand.  The main views look out over the entire city where you can get a full view of downtown all the way to the coastline. Luckily we were there on an incredibly clear day and we could see out for miles and miles in all directions of Los Angeles.

The museum itself is free and massive.  There are multiple buildings with all sorts of exhibits and multiple floors.  You’re looking at about 4-5 buildings that are about 3 stories each.  What I later found out is that there is a Getty Villa that is separate from the actual museum and it’s additional artwork.  We grabbed a map, took a look at it and immediately just started walking.  It was a little to overwhelming to make a plan on where we wanted to go because we just wanted to see it all.  So we headed to the buildings closest to us and just started wandering.

I love museums because they give you such an interesting perspective into another era, another time period and a chance to see history.  I think my favorite exhibit there were photographs from the 19th century.  There were negatives and photographs of Paris and the French country side back in the 19th century.  There were photos of people, architecture, city skylines, and so much more.  It was so interesting because some of the exhibits showed a “then and now” which was so great to see how things have changed.  One of the great things about this museum is that it showed things like this all over.  There was one exhibit that showed the original pencil drawings that later turned into paintings.  Which is always amazing to see.  I love seeing where a picture started to what it actually looks like now.  Especially as someone who doesn’t know much about art, I love examining it and learning more about the thought process that went into creating these timeless pieces.

Throughout the time that we were there, we kept wandering outside to check out the view and eventually caught the sunset.  I would definitely suggest that everyone check this place out.  Especially since it is free and the artwork is always changing.


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