Hotel traditions

I stayed in a hotel room recently with a friend and we started talking about some of our silly habits we only do in hotels. This got me thinking about things that I only do in hotel rooms. I have some very specific things that I do in all hotels regardless of whether I am alone or with other people. 

I fall asleep with the TV on. I know I have shared that before that I like sleeping with the TV on but it’s definitely something I only do when I am traveling. When I get to a hotel, I drop off my stuff either in the corner of the room or on the bed I don’t plan on sleeping on. I always pick the bed closest to the front door. I don’t know why, but I do. I never hang anything up and I hardly unpack regardless of how long I am staying. The only time I have found myself unpacking was when I had to worry about my business clothes being too wrinkly. 

I think I don’t like fully unpacking because I am afraid I will forget something. I hate wondering if I am leaving something behind. I also hate the idea of being disorganized which seems incredibly counter intuitive given that all of my stuff shoved into a backpack (yes a backpack because I don’t travel with a suitcase) is significantly more disorganized. 

After dropping off my stuff, I check out the hygiene amenities. I’m not sure why but I do. I’m not picky about the products but I love travel size items. I used to bring them all home with me but then it started to be too much. Especially since, with my colored hair, I can’t just use any shampoo. After the bathroom inspection, I check out the other amenities of the hotel. Yes, this includes scanning the room service and restaurant options. I’m not sure why but I love knowing. I have only ever ordered room service on work trips and that was because I hated eating dinner alone. And I was usually too tired to exert any effort to stay dressed and be presentable in public. 

Once I’ve scoured the room for the plug ins and found the tv remote, I find that channel I plan on falling asleep to. I don’t know why I look for it so early on in the day but I do. 

When it is time to leave, I flip everything over to make sure I haven’t left anything important. I check everything two or three times before walking out of the room. It’s the strangest thing and it’s ridiculous because I don’t pack enough stuff to leave behind anything but I still panic every time.

Do you have any strange hotel habits?


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