Toluca, Mexico

While we were in Toluca, we decided we needed to get real tacos. I had a couple calls to make because I was still doing work travel so one of my coworkers went out to a local taco place about 10 minutes away. He wasn’t entirely sure what he ordered but out came tacos and he brought them back to the hotel. I would say that it was similar to an al pastor taco with the citrus kick. The tacos were freshly made on homemade tortillas. It was actually interesting because they were only placed on one tortilla that was not strong enough to hold everything in it. I always prefer the double shelled tacos so that you can really get that satisfying bite of having everything in each bite (to the best of your ability). 
After snacking we got ready for dinner. Yes. Dinner. We decided to go to a local restaurant right next door to the hotel because we didn’t want to venture too far since we had an early morning. This restaurant had all the options you could want. This includes pizza and pasta… Authentic. But we ended up ordering meat plates and enchiladas. I have no regrets about the food that we consumed. We ate all the meat and the enchiladas were absolutely delicious. For dessert I had churros that you could dip in hot chocolate and caramel. It was like the best of both worlds for churros. One of the things that I love about churros in the States is that they are covered in cinnamon sugar. One of the things that I’ve loved about the churros in Spain would be the ability to dip them in chocolate. And this place combined it all. I’m not sure if that’s a common thing for Mexican churros but it was amazing and I may or may not have consumed the hot chocolate by itself afterwards. It wasn’t excessively sweet and reminded me of the Guatemalan hot chocolate I had a few years ago in Antigua. 

After dinner, we settled into bed. I love having the tv on when I go to bed. It’s a bad habit I’ve had for a few years now and now I usually only do it in hotels. The only issue with doing it in other countries is that it’s in a different language so it makes it harder for my brain to tune out when I sleep. I manage but it is always entertaining to tell people I fell asleep to Spanish TV or German TV. 

The next day, we did our site visit and then made our way back into Mexico City for the flight back to LA. And that ended my crazy month of travel. 


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