Seattle weekend one

Just a few short months after I moved to LA, I had the pleasure of having a really good reason to fly back to Seattle. I had two weddings, yes count them, two weddings to go to in one weekend. It’s officially weird going back to Seattle as a visitor and not actually living there. I arrived late Friday night and experienced the rental car line for the first time. Seatac is quickly becoming an airport that has way too much traffic for its size. I’ve noticed that every time I fly in, there’s always some level of traffic that causes delays or makes the wait super long for getting to the gate. It was extremely noticeable this time because the rental car shuttle line was so long you could barely read the sign signifying that this was where you had to stand and wait. 
The shuttle eventually arrived, actually three arrived and they loaded us onto the bus. The rental car garage is a fair distance away from the airport itself. You get on the rental car shuttle (all one shuttle regardless of the company) and they take you to a parking garage where all the counters are. After checking in, you exit the building and go to the escalators at the far west side of the building and take the escalator or stairs to the level your rental car company is parked on. Beware, the escalators vary is size because they made what I like to equate to as a half levels. Some escalators will skip a floor while others will only take you to the next one. So be cautious of that. 

After getting in my car, I made my first drive back through the city as a visitor. I haven’t actually driven in Seattle as a non-resident. It felt different already. The city has changed in the few short months I’ve been gone. There are new buildings, there are new empty lots where my old landmarks used to stand tall and proud. I made my way to my friends house, tested my parking skills and entered their apartment like I had never left. 

The next day, I went to Pho Bac with a few of my favorite people. We settled in for an early pho because I had places to be and followed up the meal with some Vietnamese coffee from Saigon Deli across the street. This used to be a Saturday tradition for me and a friend so obviously, we had to continue it. We made our way to Queen Anne and then walked into downtown to go to Pike Place Market where I made sure to get some Ellenos Yogurt, followed by a short pit stop at Rachel’s Ginger Beer where I had a nice cooling beverage. We then walked back to Queen Anne and I got ready to leave for my drive to Poulsbo. 


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