Atlanta, Georgia

After finishing our days in North Carolina we road tripped to Georgia. Stopped in Hartwell to visit a company in the most unassuming place. We literally drove through a neighborhood and ended up at a building hidden deep the neighborhood and forest. We had finally completed our business it meant that our work was done and it was time to officially end our trip. We drove through Georgia and ended up at the Atlanta airport. Since we had a relatively early flight the next morning, we decided that we would stay by the airport and ended up finding a great deal via ‘’ for a night at the Westin. 
We settled into our hotel rooms and then made our way out into the city. The Atlanta airport is actually quite the trek into downtown Atlanta so be prepared for that if you decide to stay over there. It’s also not necessarily the safest area if you’re wandering around at night so be prepared. 
We made our way through Atlanta and checked out a little record store called ________ that was filled to the brim with records, CDs, cassettes and comic books. As someone who gave up her poor quality record player in the move and is obsessed with Spotify, I didn’t look at the music but instead went straight to the comic books and graphic novels. After wandering, we made a quick lap around the neighborhood and then headed to a restaurant called ‘Mary Mac’s Tea Room.’ 
I had been talking about good southern food and that is just what we had. I ordered fried chicken smothered in gravy with a side of homemade mashed potatoes and some fried green tomatoes. Yes. I ordered two fried things. I have no regrets. If you ever have a chance to go here, I highly recommend it. This place is fairly decent sized and once you get seated, there are order sheets to fill out. You populate what appetizers, meal and desserts you want. The wait staff comes by, picks it up and drops off a basket of bread. But not just any bread. An assortment of bread. We had rolls, cinnamon rolls and corn bread in ours. It was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend sticking to the cinnamon rolls and the corn bread. It’s freshly made and they were absolutely amazing. 
After my meal came out, we almost ate in pure silence because of how good the food was and how hungry we were. After we finished our meal, we had our dessert. I have to admit that I ordered strawberry shortcake because it had strawberries on it and I needed some fruits and vegetables in my life. This week was a rough week of food consumption. Carbs, meats and almost no vegetables or fruits unless fried. 
Finally, we finished all of our food and made our way back to the hotel. I’ve always enjoyed my time in Atlanta and I always leave wishing I had spent more time exploring. It’s definitely a city full of hidden treasures and I hope to one day go back for fun and not for work. 


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