Virginia and North Carolina

We landed in Charlotte, North Carolina and started our drive to Virginia. I have only been to the south once in my life when I was hanging out in Charleston and going to the south again was an experience. The drive to Virginia was uneventful but going from Virginia to Asheville was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever experienced in my life. 

The mountains are so green and full of trees. I haven’t seen anything as green as that area. We pulled over at one point to take it all in. 

It was so beautiful and peaceful. Only a couple cars passed by while we were standing here and only one other car car pulled up to take the view in. I feel like this area is a little hidden treasure that people would miss if they flew. I love flying because it gives me the chance to see the world at a much faster pace, but taking this road trip was worth this view. Standing in the silence and only hearing wind and birds was unnerving but amazing. Having spent the last decade in a city, seeing and experiencing this peacefulness is rare. It’s definitely one of the few things I miss about being around a smaller city. 

We eventually ended up in Asheville and settled into our hotel. 

When it was time for dinner, we headed out to Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack for some good southern comfort food. That place alone is worth its own post…


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