High school reunions

My high school reunion has come and gone and I didn’t go. I actually don’t regret not going because seeing the Facebook group about it, I knew that it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be. High school wasn’t terrible for me but it was definitely an experience. High school was the perfect time to figure out what you wanted your life to be going forward. But now, looking back, my life is not what I expected. 

Reflecting on what I wanted as a kid, I am so surprised of where I ended up. When I was 18, I wanted to work at Sub Pop records and work in music. I expected myself to be a punk and working in some sort of music or concert promotions. I thought that I would be going to concerts every single night, I even thought I’d be in a long term relationship. I knew I’d live in a big city and I thought that realistically I’d be living pay check to pay check doing what makes me the happiest. 

Now, I live in a big city (check) and that’s the only thing that’s true about where I thought I would be when my high school reunion came around. I work in automotive in supply chain. I live alone, I’m single and I only go to a concert once every 6 or 7 months. 

It’s interesting to see where life took me. I still wonder what I would use as my introduction at the high school reunion. ‘Hey it’s good to see you. Yeah, I’m single, I live in LA, I left my home to take a fat risk on a company and I spent 8 months of 2015 traveling. Plus my hair is blue. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Oh! I did eat top ramen for dinner. What’s going on with your life?’

It’s funny to think of how different things are. 

Granted, while people are hanging in Boise, Idaho, I am okay with my own view:


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