First concert in LA – Honne

As part of me trying out the different things in LA, one of them includes going to my first concert in Los Angeles. I’ve always loved music and I remember going to 32 concerts in one year in high school.  There’s something incredible amazing about live music and how it brings people together.

One night before a group of us went out to dinner, we were streaming videos and a song by Honne came on and it just so happened that they were going to be in town the next day.  My friend had an extra ticket and somehow that extra ticket turned into 6 of us deciding we want to go to this concert and buy tickets last minute.

We ubered to El Rey the next night from our home and got ready for the concert.  El Rey is a beautiful theater that fits about 750 people people.  It was actually really interesting and kind of terrifying because to get into the concert, we had to go through an ID check, then metal detectors and full bag checks.  I’ve never gone through a metal detector for a small venue before so that was slightly unnerving.  Once you get into the theater, there is a bar and then stairs to you up to the mezzanine where there are tables.  I’m pretty sure it was a special section for people who paid to be there.  But once you walk into the actual venue, there is a bar at the back and then general admission for the rest of the area.  To the side, there are a few steps you can go up to a slightly higher platform so you can actually see above the rest of the crowd.

We met up with a friend who happened to be in town and had prime location to look over the entire crowd for the entire concert. I don’t know Honne very well but they were great.  The El Rey Theater has great sound and a fantastic atmosphere that made for a great concert venue.  If you’re there, I highly recommend looking up.  The chandeliers are a nice touch along with the red velvet everywhere.  It’s one of the more intimate settings I’ve been to for a concert and it was great.

I would highly recommend checking out this venue for a concert. Plus, there is something great about standing in a venue with 700 people who are all focused on the music.  Especially when their hands are all waving in the air, cheering at the same time or using their phones as lights (which was slightly weird because I can still remember when people used lighters instead… yes… that makes me feel old too…)

Honne put on a great concert for us.  The band has a great stage presence and the vocals of the lead singer was amazing. Check out the two quick videos below (p.s. It is a snapchat but partially because I was too engrossed to remember to get any other videos/photos)



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