Detroit, our final day

On our last day in Detroit, we ended up going to three different company meetings which meant that we had to get creative for snack time. We stopped at White Castle since I had never been there before and I ordered an original slider.  I actually had no recollection that White Castle was only sliders.  I remember watching Harold and Kumar but I didn’t remember that White Castle was focused on the small version of burgers. Since I had never been to a White Castle, we made our way there to get a small order of the original sliders between meetings.  I have to say that it was absolutely delicious and I would definitely go back.  I don’t think it’s my favorite place but when I’m looking for some good fast food, I would definitely go to White Castle.  Too bad they don’t have one around me.

After our meetings, we went out for Mediterranean food in Utica.  After our crazy adventure the night before and all our meetings, we decided to stay closer to the hotel.  The Mediterranean food was good but not my favorite.  They did have this garlic dipping sauce for the bread that was by far one of my favorite garlic sauces.  I’m sure my breath smelled offensive immediately following that meal but I have absolutely no regrets for eating all the garlic sauce. We went back to the hotel and settled in for an early night because we wanted to wake up super early before the airport to stop in Detroit to get donuts from Dilla’s Delights, a local donut shop.

We woke up the next morning at 5 and left the hotel by 515 to drive to Detroit and stop by Dilla’s Delights for donuts for breakfast. This donut shop is inspired by J Dilla and I believe it is currently run by someone who was close to him.  When you walk in, there are records all over the walls and great hip hop music playing.  It’s a small donut shop with some of your typical flavors like glazed but then they have special flavors.  We decided to get some chocolate ones, chocolate glazed donuts and then a lemon donut that we brought with us to the airport.

We drove to the Detroit airport, said goodbye to Michigan and got ready for our flight to North Carolina.


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