Detroit, Michigan continued

After Selden Standard, we drove out to Johnny Noodle King out in Corktown and settled in for a nice ramen meal.  I have to say that this was a great little place to visit.  The food was delicious and the team working there was full of energy and so personable. We ordered their house ramen and enjoyed our second meal of the day.  I would recommend to everyone to stop by and visit this place. The decor is awesome.  In fact one of my favorite things was seeing pictures of various places and buildings around Detroit with a picture of ramen in front of it. I would say that Johnny Noodle King had a great personality and I think everyone should visit.  There’s street parking and only about 7 tables on the inside.

Corktown is an interesting place.  I don’t know much about it but I did see that it was very close to the Ambassador Bridge.  Along with that, there was an empty lot across the street and then a beautiful church that looked like it belonged in Europe. Talking to people who are from Detroit, they said that Corktown was a highly Irish area of Detroit which would make sense with the architecture of the church. It was definitely an interesting little area and felt slightly abandoned.  Johnny Noodle King was the only open business and fully established building in the area within a few blocks of the restaurant.

After we finished our meal, we made our way back to Utica and then settled in for the evening so that we could be prepared for our meetings the next day.


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