Visiting Seattle

I’ve lived in LA for awhile now and it’s now time to officially say that LA is my home. But as I sit on a flight to Seattle, I know that Seattle will always be my permanent home. It’s really kind of funny because I lived in Boise for so much longer than I lived in Seattle but it’s where I became the person I am today. A person who had an opportunity to take a huge leap by moving to a start up company after 6 years at a Fortune 500 facility. A huge leap to join something cool and awesome in a completely new city. A city people aspire to be in. 
The entire week leading up to the moment I boarded my flight was full of excitement. Knowing that at the end of the week I’d be reunited with my city. I spent the entire week listening to a Spotify playlist filled to the brim with Seattle based bands like Modest Mouse, Death Cab, Blue Scholars, and Macklemore. Yes all very mainstream but each band holds a very special place in my heart and my memories of Seattle. Like the time I was pulled out of a mosh pit at the Modest Mouse concert in Everett in college. Or the driving down the 405 listening to Death Can finally understanding what exactly the 405 was. And being exposed to Seattle hip hop through Blue Scholars. Or the time Macklemore played Quadstock at Seattle U to a crowd of 100 because it rained so hard that year. 
As the week continued along, the realization that I was heading back to being with my friends really hit me. The remainder of the week was filled with snap chats, countdowns and constant reminders to everyone around me that I was gone this weekend because I was going to Seattle. 

Friday, the day of the flight was filled with text messages of excitement and plan making. I’ve realized that, yes this is a weekend get away but this is not a vacation. Each minute I am in this city is precious because I need to see my city, I need to see as many people as possible and I need to be reminded of just how much I grew in this beautiful place. 

I know I mentioned earlier that I will stop purposely telling people I never wanted to leave but I know getting on the flight back to LA will be just as hard as the one way ticket I purchased earlier this year. Seattle. You officially stole my heart. 


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