LAX as my homebase

I am about to take my first flight of the year with LAX has my home airport. It’s so interesting because as a frequent traveler (domestic or international) you get used to the routine of your airport. You know all the places to speed up your process, you know exactly which direction to walk to get to your gate or how to get to your gate. It’s almost like you know the airport like the back of your hand. You know where to go to get that last minute gift or the delicious signature drink. You know where all the plug ins are, which ones actually work verses which ones are just decoys to fool travelers. You know the best places to sit to avoid people or to people watch. You have your home base airport figured out. When something changes there, you know. Like I instantly recognized the moment the connector train at Seatac stopped translating in Japanese and instead introduced Chinese. 

Now, walking through LAX I have no idea what I’m doing. I know the Alaska terminal from all the times I’ve flown in and out of those gates but the rest of this place is a mystery. I was dropped off at what I thought was the correct terminal only to hike from terminal 6 back to the international terminal (located between 3 and 4). It’s weird because there were no signs that told me where my gate was and I kept having to ask people. Most of it seemed intuitive but gate 155 means international terminal apparently. Lesson learned and tip for you, if your gate is in the 100s it is in the international terminal. 

I needed directions on how to connect to my terminal from the one I actually went through security in. LAX is full of tunnels and secret passage ways to connect you from one side of the airport to the other. This includes the departing and arrival doors when you’re just getting to the airport. 

Sitting here, it is officially weird that this is my start and stop of the journey now. I used to dislike this airport but I guess I just have to deal with it now as my home base. 

Do you have any tips on how to handle this airport?


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