24 Hours in Paris, France

Paris is a lovely place. It is romantic, it is beautiful and it has an aura about it that I’m not entirely sure can be described in words. It feels different than other cities and it is one of those places where it holds a special place in people’s hearts.  It’s actually quite interesting because so many people have dreamed about going to Paris and I don’t know many people who have been disappointed by the beauty of this city.

If you only get 24 hours in this city, here’s what I recommend:

  • Start off your day at a bakery/cafe getting pastries and crepes. Real crepes are amazing and delicious.  There’s something wonderful about the delicate breakfast food. Pastries are also perfect for breakfast. The pastries in France are more delicious and full of butter than anywhere else.  And each bite is better than the last.
  • Take a stroll along the water to the Eiffel Tower.  And if it’s not too windy, then go up to the observation decks and look out over the city.  While you’re there, take some time to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower and observe it up close but from the ground.  You can get a very different perspective of just how awesome that structure is.
  • Peace Monument.  I heard that there’s a chance it was going to be torn down but I hope it hasn’t been.  The Peace Monument stands near the Eiffel Tower and is a wall of glass with the word “peace” written in all the different languages.  It’s beautiful and totally worth checking out.
  • Champs-Elysees is worth taking a walk down. It’s a great place to stroll through but it’s lined with a bunch of stores that you can check out. One thing to note is that area is full of fancy stores. I felt slightly uncomfortable by this because I can’t afford anything like that and it was weird walking into any of those stores in my shorts and flip flops.  Even if I just wanted to window shop.
  • The Champs-Elysees ends at the Arc de Triomphe which is a great place to check out.
  • The Louvre. I know that there’s so much more to see around the city, but realistically, I would spend hours and hours and hours at the Louvre if I could.  Seeing the artwork in the museum is 100% worth every hour spent there.


If you get a chance to check out other places around Paris, I would highly recommend Versailles.  The palace is amazing but the gardens are totally worth strolling through.  Also, there are all sorts of amazing cafes and crepes places all around there.  We went to one and had the best crepes of my life.  That’s a bold statement and I mean every word of it.

What are your favorite places in Paris?


2 thoughts on “24 Hours in Paris, France

  1. anywherewithbrooke says:

    Thanks for this post!!! One of my absolute favorite places is Shakespeare and Company because I’m a huge English nerd/Major, but really the entire Seine river is just amazing! I also have a series of posts about days in Paris (4/4) and a packing list for the city of you would want to check that out!!!

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