Leaving New Zealand for home

We woke up super early to catch our Cheap Taxi to the airport.  I’ve mentioned before that we had run into a couple of issues with the carry-on weight requirements and sadly enough, we had to deal with it again.  We got pretty unlucky with our gate agent and so we had to check in our bags even though they could have fit in the overhead bins.  The gate agent told us that it was a rule of the airport that they could only allow bags that were 7kg or less.  So we went through security and passport without our main bags and went and purchased some breakfast before our flight.  One thing to note about the Auckland airport is that they only allow wifi for half an hour and then you have to pay.  So if you are there 2 hours early, be prepared.

I know I mentioned previously that our planning wasn’t the best for this trip so low and behold, we flew New Zealand to Sydney, did a layover there and then headed to Los Angeles for our connecting flight to Seattle. The flight to Los Angeles wasn’t bad at all except for the fact that I didn’t sleep one bit.  I definitely arrived in the States feeling a little bit loopy.

Once we arrived in Los Angeles, it was a pretty terrible experience.  I have never had such a terrible experience with customs and disorganization. It took us forever to get through security then to get our bags and then to get out of the actual final security line. LAX is by far one of the most inefficient airports I have ever experienced coming back into the country.  By the time we got our bags and then out of the airport to make our way to our gate, there was not enough time to re-check our bags for our flight so we just started running.  Running to our gate with all of our luggage. We managed to get to our gate with just a few minutes to spare and there we waited for our official flight home.

I would say that from that experience, flying Virgin Australia was not a bad experience.  But realistically, I never want LAX to be my port of entry and connection to another city.  I feel bad for anyone who needs to go through that unless you have Global Entry.  Global Entry may be the key to getting through LAX within a reasonable amount of time.  Also, I do not recommend running along the outside of the airport to get to your flight.  But, that being said, I don’t think I’ve ever panicked as much trying to make sure I could get to my flight.  LAX always leaves me a bit flustered so the thought of trying to find the shortcut in the airport did not even work for me because we were told we would have to get a on a shuttle and we know how quick those things can be, especially with all the traffic at that airport.  So we decided to run. If you ever have to fly through LAX as your port of entry, I highly recommend taking a look at the airport, where you will land and where you need to go.  It’ll help with the stress of trying to navigate that airport.  Also, make sure you don’t have a short connection there.  That will make your life significantly harder and more stressful.


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