Wandering Auckland

After getting back from Hobbiton, we decided to wander Auckland and see what the city had to offer.  Our first step was to go straight to the Sky Tower and see Auckland from above. As we walked up to the Sky Tower, we saw the drop harnesses coming from the top of the tower and the bullseye.  Standing there looking at the bulls eye and then tracing the wires back up to the top of the Sky Tower, you definitely get a crazy perspective of just how high that tower actually is. We wandered into the tower, bought our tickets and took the elevator up to the top of the Sky Tower.

The floor of the outer rim of the observation deck is glass and can definitely be a trip. If you’re afraid of heights, I don’t recommend standing on the glass portion as it is kind of unnerving but it is a really cool view if you’re willing to test it out.  You can do a 360 view of the city from the Sky Tower and see the skyline all the way to the water.  One of the cool things we saw was a pink bike path along side the freeway.  In the States, the bike paths are painted a bright green but Auckland decided they wanted a bright neon pink color for theirs.  It definitely stood out and was very visible from all directions.  To be honest, we weren’t actually sure what it was but the Sky Tower has free wifi so we were able to Google it while we were up there and figure out exactly what it was. After doing a 360 view of the city, we decided to walk down to the harbor and check out everything there.


After checking out the various stores, the water and downtown Auckland we decided we were super hungry.  As we started looking around for places to eat, we realized that Auckland actually has free wifi within the city limits for an hour so that helped us figure out where we wanted to eat.  We found an interesting little bar that had was playing the Vikings game.  As a Seahawks fan, this was the perfect game to watch because it was determining who we would be playing in the playoffs. So we sat down, ordered some food and drinks and watched the game.

From there, we decided we wanted to get dinner so we went to an upstairs pizza place in downtown Auckland so we started walking and then ran into the couple from the Hobbiton tour and they decided to join us for dinner. We ended up spending a few hours at dinner taking and getting to know each other.  It’s so awesome that we ended up making friends and spending the entire evening with them.

After we realized how late it was, we all went our separate ways and headed back to Ponsonby.  It was probably the best way to end our trip to the southern hemisphere.  Good food, good friends and great conversation.

We got back to the Airbnb, packed up up stuff and then went to bed to get ready for our early flight the next day back to Seattle.



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