Hobbiton, New Zealand – Part 2

Walking through Hobbiton was amazing and great to hear all the little fun facts about it.  I was the shortest of my group that I was hanging out with so some part of me wished I had a cape and could run through Hobbit on like an actual hobbit but I’m not sure everyone would have appreciated it as much as me.

We eventually ended up at the Green Dragon which is actually now a fully functioning bar where you can purchase beer and cider.  As part of the tour, you can get one or the other and then hang out in the Green Dragon.  There are tables inside where you can sit and pretend you’re an actual hobbit enjoying a beverage or you can take a walk out to the stream and drink along the water. We enjoyed our cider and then headed into a giant tent for lunch.  As part of the tour, they will serve you lunch under the giant tent.  They did a buffet style lunch for all of us and we sat down and enjoyed a really delicious meal.

After lunch, we piled back into our van and made our way back to Auckland.

One of the great things about doing tours is that you can meet great people. We ended up meeting a guy from the UK that we spent the entire day with and then a couple from New Jersey that we spend our lunch with. I loved being able to chat with them and learn all about their lives and what brought them to New Zealand and onto the tour.


We eventually made it back to Auckland and decided that our first stop would be the Sky Tower.


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