Hobbiton Tour, New Zealand – Part 1

We arrived at Hobbiton and the first stop was the gift shop.  If you’re ever looking for any good Lord of the Rings memorabilia, then this may be the best place to buy it. They have so many different things like magnets, posters, maps, trinkets, jewelry, etc.  It was a Lord of the Rings fan dream come true to be standing in the gift shop right next to Hobbiton.

I actually didn’t purchase any Lord of the Rings items because I was traveling with just a carryon so I had very limited space that I could use for anything. And I’ve started trying to minimize the amount of things that I purchase that I would never actually use.  So I bought my mom her magnet and then ended up buying myself some New Zealand lotion. I had heard good things about sheep’s milk lotion so I decided to  try it out.  Especially since our tour included 10 NZD to the gift shop so I got it for fairly cheap.

After going through the gift shop, we met up with our tour guide and wandered through Hobbiton.  If you’ve never known about the tour or you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it.  It’s such an interesting story behind how this plot of land became the actual set for Lord of the Rings and then stayed the set for Lord of the Rings. The long story short is that this plot of land actually belongs to a farmer and when Peter Jackson saw it, he loved that it was so secluded and far from the city. It was the real life Middle Earth and so he made a deal with to use the land.  The original set isn’t the one that you walk on.  The way that the actual Hobbiton homes were made, they were easily removable so after the trilogy, they were removed but during the actual Hobbit movies, they decided to make them permanent structures in the land so that people could visit.

It’s pretty interesting because most of the land and scenery is real but there’s one tree there that is 100% fake.  I wouldn’t have known that it was fake until the tour guide told us. As you’re walking through Hobbiton, you’ll be able to see all the front of the Hobbit holes and the various homes you see throughout the movies.  Along with that, there’s one of the Hobbit holes that you get to walk into and take a photo.  It’s so surreal being there because it feels like you are actually in Hobbiton and it’s crazy because it’s in real life.  Even though you can’t go into the actual homes, it’s still so fascinating because you can actually be a part of this.  Middle Earth is a real place!!



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