Evening stroll through Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

After eating our weight in our pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich, we decided to take full advantage of the Dairy Melt Bar immediately following because how can you say no to ice cream on a wonderful summer’s day in December?  The Dairy Melt Bar has a bunch of different flavors but what really drew us was the fact that you could make an ice cream sandwich with freshly made cookies and their fun flavors. Granted, after eating the pulled pork grilled cheese I couldn’t quite handle a full ice cream sandwich so I settled on two flavors of ice cream in a cup.  I got a blood orange sorbet and a cheesecake flavor.  It’s a little strange of a combination but I couldn’t really decided between the options so I settled on my two favorites of the samples.

From there, we took a stroll along Ponsonby and checked out the local restaurants, the boutique shops and seeing what this adorable neighborhood had to offer.  As you head further into the neighborhood, you can actually get a really good view of the Sky Tower that sits in downtown Auckland.

I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Ponsonby but doing the walk along the street and seeing the character around the neighborhood, I know that I want to visit it again when I have more time. There are restaurants everywhere that range from burgers to fusion foods. Apparently the best burger place in Auckland is up in Ponsonby, so there’s that. Along with that, the decorations in the alley ways made each little walk way seem like it’s own little secret and hidden treasures. I definitely recommend wandering this specific neighborhood if you get a chance to check out Ponsonby.


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