Back to Auckland, New Zealand

The next morning, we woke up early and caught the bus and train back to Auckland.  The Sydney airport is super easy to navigate so we made it through security and to our gate fairly quickly. When it was time, we boarded the 787 and made our way back to New Zealand.

We had arranged for a Cheap Taxi while we were in New Zealand and luckily we were able to make it work this time around.  The thing to note about the Auckland airport is that Cheap Taxi is a great service to use but they don’t sit with the same taxis so if you use the service, just make note of where they mention the pick up is. For us, you exit the international terminal and immediately to the left you should see someone who has a sign with your name but if you don’t then you can walk out those side doors and the Cheap Taxis will be parked there waiting for you.

We had some issues finding our because of the timing when we arrived.  But we managed to find our Cheap Taxi and loaded into the car toward Ponsonby which is where we were staying.  We managed to make our way into our Airbnb and settled in.  The location of the Airbnb was great because of how close it was to Ponsonby but one thing about this was that we didn’t take into consideration the other people who were staying there.  We were there with a family that had a young baby that cried a lot and often.  That made things a little difficult but other than that, the overall Airbnb was great.  Since we arrived later in the day and we had a super early morning the next day, we decided to wander Ponsonby and look for some food.

We heard that there was an outdoor food court that had food trucks so we wandered there and found this adorable little food court that had a patio feel but we weren’t feeling the food that was there.  So we decided to go to Ponsonby Central for dinner. There’s a bunch of adorable little restaurants in this area that you can check out and there will always be something that you will want to eat.  We passed by Italian food, burgers, grilled cheese places, snacks, etc.

The thing about Ponsonby is that this is a place that is great for what’s up and coming, new trendy things and very hip.  I think someone described it as the hipster neighborhood for Auckland.  I don’t know if it was hipster but it was definitely trendy with the cool restaurants, patio settings, decorations and the modern/contemporary designs.  We arrived on a Sunday so it was relatively quiet and so we started wandering around and checking out the storefronts but we couldn’t go into any stores since most everything was closed by then.

After the wandering, we finally decided to go back to Ponsonby Central and decided to eat a place called the Melt Bar that specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches.  That experience within itself deserves it’s own post…


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