Bondi Beach, Sydney

After leaving the Blue Mountains, we made our way back to the car and fought traffic back to Sydney.  The usual 2 hour drive took about 3 hours for us to officially get back to Coogee and relax for a little bit.  We hung out in the house, away from the world overlooking the beach and relished in the adventures that we had for the day.

One thing that I’ve noticed about when I travel is that when I can get access to wifi, I used to be so enthralled with checking up on everything on social media and making sure I got all caught up with everything.  But now, it’s just a quick check in to see if I missed anything in the last few hours and then I’m ready to move onto the next adventure.  I wish I could be this way while in the States…

After getting some time to relax, we Ubered over to Bondi Beach for dinner. One of the great things that I really enjoyed about Sydney was the wide range of good…actually great food. We wandered over to a local restaurant on the main street in Bondi that served Thai street food. Since it was summer time, everyone was sitting outside so we had the option of waiting for a table outside or sitting in one of the many empty tables inside of the restaurant.  We opted for the table inside because I hate waiting for food.

We ordered our dinner and sat around and chatted.  One thing I noticed about the Thai restaurant there was that hot sauce wasn’t readily available.  It was something we had to ask for and even then it was limited amounts that they would actually provide.  They would give us little dishes with hot sauce and we kept having to ask for more.

But after dinner, the group s[lit up and we went our separate ways.

I went back to our Airbnb and got ready for our flight back to New Zealand for the last few days of our trip in the Southern Hemisphere.



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