The Blue Mountains, Australia

After hanging out at Featherdale, we made our way to the Blue Mountains.  While you are there you can actually take some really awesome hikes or take a gondola and see the Blue Mountains from a different perspective.  As I have mentioned a few times, we were there during holiday season so obviously we were up against millions of tourists when we arrived.  We managed to find parking after about 30 minutes of driving around and then were told that we could park there but the gondola was sold out till 6PM (we arrived around 2PM). So we decided against waiting and made our way over to the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters are a rock formation in the Blue Mountains that stand tall among the mountains.  It’s actually really beautiful there.  There’s some aboriginal legends around the origins of the Three Sisters. There are a few stories but they’re all based around the idea that there were three sisters that were turned to stone to protect them by a witch doctor who never got to turn them back into people.

Getting access to see the Three Sisters is a little bit difficult if there’s a bunch of people there. But if you wait long enough you will be able to get access to the fence and finally be able to see the Three Sisters.  But once you’ve seen them, you need to take a look around and just take in the wonder of the Blue Mountains. It’s actually really interesting because they are called Blue Mountains for a reason and at first I didn’t really believe it.  There is a distinctive blue haze that covers the range and the air in the valley below the lookout point.

There some small walking trails that take you a little further into the mountains from the look out point and there are little signs that talk about the different peaks and mountains within the area.  It’s absolutely breathtaking.

After the Three Sisters, we decided we had enough adventure for the day and headed back to Sydney.


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