Featherdale, wombats and wallabies

After we met the adorable koalas, I bought an ice cream cone with the hay and made my way to the wallaby exhibit.  There the wallabies have a living environment similar to what I saw in New Zealand where they have an entire area to themselves to hop around and wander.  As a visitor, you just have to make sure you don’t leave the gates open otherwise they would wander out to the rest of the exhibits. When you walk in, the wallabies are hanging out and they aren’t afraid of people but they are cautious.

I walked up to a wallaby and offered up the ice cream cone for eating.  One little guy came hopping over and immediately started eating the cone.  We enjoyed a great little moment of hanging out until another wallaby came hopping over and grabbed the ice cream cone and hopped away.

At that moment, I was sad because my little wallaby friend no longer had food but it’s okay.  We enjoyed our moment while he had his snack until his friend stole the food from both of us. I can’t tell you if the wallaby was soft or if he was skiddish because I didn’t want to touch him.  Given that they are wild creatures, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome with these adorable creatures.  The closest I will probably get to a wallaby will be the few inches where we both hold the ice cream cone. I’m okay with that because I’m not sure he would have been pleased and I don’t think he would have hung around if I had reached out to say hi.

After the ice cream cone incident, I walked away and started making my way through the rest of the exhibits.  We luckily stumbled upon a creature excursion that was finishing up and one of the people working there had just picked up an 11 month old wombat and who needed to take a nap.  As we walked by, the keeper stopped to allow us to say hello to the little wombat friend.  He was adorable, fat and just so pleased with life. As we talked with the keeper, he told us we could give the wombat belly rubs because it was his favorite thing. I mean, how could you not want to give belly rubs to this guy?

I have to say that meeting the koalas were awesome, but getting to hang with the wallabies and seeing a wombat being held like a baby may have been my highlights of Featherdale. After getting our fill of adorable animals, we loaded back into the car to go see the Three Sisters.



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