Featherdale Wild Life Reserve

The next morning we were going to meet up with our friends and venture outside of Sydney.  We had heard about this wild life reserve just two hours outside of the city and you could meet koalas.  It took all of my energy to not jump up and down all day long to see the koalas.  Because it was the start of the new year and we were feeling exceptionally motivated, we decided we would walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee since we had done the wonderful coastal walk to Bronte the day before.

You’d think we would have planned accordingly to ensure that we knew what we were getting ourselves into.  But we didn’t.  We started on the journey, made it past Bronte and realized that it had taken us an hour to get that far and we still had two more beaches to go to get to Coogee.  We were already late meeting our friends and so we decided to call an uber.  The only issue with calling an Uber is that we didn’t have cell service since neither of us had paid for international data.  So we started wandering looking for a coffee shop or somewhere with free wifi.  But remember when I told you that the Australia and New Zealand take the holidays very seriously? On our journey to find wifi, we couldn’t find anywhere open and actually eventually ended up at our friends Airbnb.

We got into the car and began our journey to Featherdale.

Since we were so late meeting up with our friends, we eventually arrived at Featherdale and had to park in the overflow lot across the street.  There were tour buses and lots of groups waiting to get into the wildlife reserve.  We purchased our tickets which were about 31 AUD each and then made our way into the reserve.  While you’re there, you can purchase ice cream cones for 2 AUD filled with hay to feel the kangaroos and the wallabies. I would say it’s totally worth it. As we wandered around and saw the animals, we eventually ended up at the koalas.  There’s a super long line to meet the koalas at Featherdale.  They have four little trees for them to sit in and they rotate the koalas out after a certain amount of time.  You can’t hold the koalas at Featherdale, but you can pat them on the butt and take photos with them.

While we stood in line waiting to meet the koalas, we had some terrible luck. While we were standing there, we were just inches away from the canopy covering the most of the line and a bird pooped on us. It was terrible. We wiped off the poop and the kind people in front of us squeezed just enough so we could stand underneath the canopy. While we were waiting for our turn to meet with the koalas, they brought out a male koala that was in a frisky mood.  It was probably one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen.  When a male koala is trying to get the attention of a female koala, they pose as if they’re going to howl and then make a deep burping noise.  While we were there, the male koala managed to wake up another female koala who, for a brief moment, was interested.  She woke up from her slumber (she had been asleep the entire time) to take a look at the male koala and then immediately decided he wasn’t worth it so she went back to sleep.  It was darling.

When we were finally able to get up to meet with the koalas, we were placed with the frisky male koala and he was adorable.  We took photos with him and then I managed to get a selfie with him really quick.  It was great because he definitely recognized that he was in the photo so he looked at my phone and it looks just like he is smiling for my pictures.  It was amazing.

After spending our time with the koalas, we made our way through the rest of Featherdale. To be honest, I thought meeting a koala would be a highlight, but things only got better from there on out.


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