A Fish Called Coogee and some goat cheese

After dropping off our stuff, we headed out to Coogee Beach via Uber to meet up with our friends.

I must say that using Uber in another country when you aren’t paying for a data plan is always a fun little experience.  We would call an Uber when we had wifi and then as soon as the Uber would get close, we’d turn off our wifi and then run outside hoping that we could find them.  It was always a bit difficult because we were sometimes in areas that were a little complicated so when the Uber would try to find us and call us, it wouldn’t work but we always managed to figure it out which was great.

We met up with our friends in Coogee and then headed out to the main street by the beach.  There’s a great little seafood place called “A Fish Called Coogee” which allows you to pick fresh fish and decide how you want it cooked.  In addition to that there’s a great range of vegetables that you can add to it.

If you decided to go here, it is a nice little hole in the wall and it only sits about 15 people maximum.  There are seats along the wall and some tables, but if you sit people on both sides of the tables, you’ll probably end up being in the way of everyone ordering food.  There are also 4 seats along the kitchen so you can watch them cook and then there are two tables outside that fit about 6 to 8 people.  If you go, be prepared to wait for a seat or potentially just get the food to go.  We managed to snag the four seats along the kitchen and sat down for our food.  I got the fish and chips because you can never go wrong with good fish and chips.

While we were waiting for food, two of our friends ran to a grocery store to buy some local yogurt and the most amazing goat cheese I have ever had.  You see, Australia has this brand of cheese called Meredith Dairy that does an amazing goat cheese in olive oil and herbs.  It is the most amazing concoction and was worth every penny.

After dinner, we walked along the beach and checked out Coogee Beach.  It is a beautiful beach and is definitely a place to check out during sunset. After that, we went our separate ways to prepare for our adventure outside of Sydney the next day.


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