Sydney, Australia – New Year’s Day Part 2

We went back to the Airbnb, showered and then headed out into the city.  Since we were in Australia on New Year’s day, not a lot was open due to the holiday.  We took the bus to Bondi and then caught the train back to Circle Quay for a nice a little tour of the Opera House.  Bondi Junction was empty to say the least but the Opera House and Harbor Bridge were packed. We started off our adventure by finding the path through Old Town Sydney by the water which eventually lead to the Harbor Bridge.  There are signs all around that area that direct you to the base of the base so that you can climb the stairs up to the bridge and follow the walking path.

There’s a great path along both sides of the bridge that you can stroll along side.  I recommend the side that overlooks the Opera House because it gives you a great almost aerial view of the Opera House and a nice view of the skyline. You can also see the people who do the Harbor Bridge walk.  I think it’s about 200 AUS to get strapped into a harness and you can actually climb the bridge and go all the way to the top and stand over the city. We did not do it but I’ve heard it is an experience.  There are two levels that you can do, the first one just takes you to the street level and the second one has you pop up on the street level and continue upwards.

We just walked along the bridge to the very end of it, took a few snap shots of the city and the Opera House then headed back over to the ferry terminal.

From there we stopped by a local bakery that caught our eye and purchased some pastries and drinks.  From there we walked along the harbor and ended up at a few benches by the Opera House and enjoyed our snacks while looking over the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House behind us.

It was really interesting because we had been there just 24 hours before and it looked as if nothing had happened the night before.  I think that’s what happens when you have a city that is so used to large events.  All the fences were gone, there wasn’t an excess amount of trash, no remnants of the night before and the craziness that I’m sure occurred the night before.  The Opera House steps were packed full of people and there was no way to avoid the crowds, even at 1PM on a holiday.

The Sydney Opera House is amazing. You can actually buy tickets and see operas in there or check out the inside but we decided against it.  Since we were there in December, we wanted to spend the least amount of time inside as possible. Especially since it was amazing weather in Australia.  So we wandered up the steps, looked around, soaked in the scenery and then decided to go check out some additional neighborhoods which ended up being a bust.  Australia takes their holidays very seriously and so everything was closed and the recommended neighborhoods were pretty much shut down for the day.  So we ended up back at Bondi Junction to catch the bus back to the beach which, as it turns out was what the entire city was doing.  The entire bus station was packed to the brim full of people waiting for every bus to the beach and each line was guaranteed 50+ people long. We finally got on our bus and headed back to relax before our dinner plans in Coogee.


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