Sydney, Australia – NYE Part 3

Have you ever experienced Sydney on NYE? If you haven’t, it is an experience and if you don’t like crowds I do not recommend it.  There are so many people who enter into this city to prepare for the fireworks show and it’s really very overwhelming.  Unfortunately, we did not properly plan for what we were about to experience so it ended up being quite the adventure.

We met up with our friends at Bondi Junction and then headed over to Circle Quay which is by the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.  The fireworks show happens along the harbor and along the Harbor Bridge.  We showed up around 4PM and slowly walked into the harbor area where the ferry docks.  At this point, 8 hours from the actual fireworks show, all access to the Opera House was closed off due to capacity issues.  We settled down on some pavement among hundreds of people and waited.  During the few hours we sat there, we watched as more and more rows of people sat down in front of us to the point where you could only walk in a single file line through the crowds of people .  Strollers were running over people’s feet, you were getting hit in the head by bags or things people had hanging off their shoulders.  Warning, if you are claustrophobic, do not attempt.

As we sat with what felt like 700-900 people around us, it hit 730PM ish and we realized that we were starving.  If one of us left to go find food, the chances of that person coming back were slim.  If we needed to go to the bathroom, the chances of making it back were thing.  We were in a situation where we either had to sit and deal with it or possibly get up and just leave.

When you’ve been sitting on concrete (with some towels for padding) for about 2 hours and you realize that you still have over 4 hours to go…you quickly realize that you’re not cut out for this anymore.  I can’t handle camping out for things anymore like I used to.  It’s a sign of getting older…

At that point, we realized we could be so much more comfortable sitting in the comfort of a house watching the fireworks on TV while being able to eat and rink as we please.  So we got up, walked away from the crowds and caught a taxi back to our friends Airbnb in Coogee Beach.

We settled into the quaint apartment, ordered pizza (which required going through about 7 pages on Yelp to find anything that was open), turned on the TV and opened the window blinds.  We watched the family friends 9 PM show on TV at the Harbor while getting the Coogee Beach live show over the water.  At midnight, we watched the final show over the Harbor Bridge and started off 2016 with some good food, good company and a full aerial view of the world’s best fireworks show.  I must say, it was totally worth it.


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