Auckland to Sydney, the airport and the flight

We woke up nice and early to catch our cheap taxi to the airport.  We arrived at the airport and made our way through security.  Things to keep in mind about the Auckland Airport:

  • Make sure you fill out a departure card before you go through security.  The cards are located right at the gate and there are little booths that you can stop at to fill out the card.
  • The Auckland Airport has strict rules regarding the carry on weight.  They will stick to the 7kg unless an airline decides otherwise (LAN will do up to 8kg for the carryon)
  • There is free wifi in this airport but you get a time limit on it so use it wisely.  If you end up getting to the airport really early, you will have to pick that perfect moment for signing up for the internet

We went through security and ended up at a little coffee shop where we got some smoothies and breakfast pastries.  One of the things about this airport, and about New Zealand in general, is that they pride themselves on the Lord of the Rings films that were filmed there.  So throughout the airport you will find things that mention Middle Earth and there are relics from the movies hanging out all around the airport. It’s pretty cool to be able to walk around and check them out if you get a chance while you’re there.

When it was time, we boarded our aircraft and got ready for our New Years Eve flight to Sydney.  One thing to note, we purposely booked this flight on LAN because it was a Boeing 787 that was flying to Sydney. I’ve been waiting forever to fly on a 787 because of all the cool things that were changed for this specific aircraft.  If you haven’t heard the 787 (aka the Dreamliner) is the most technologically advance aircraft that Boeing has ever built.  The humidity level of the aircraft is actually lower so that you don’t feel as dry after getting off the plane, the way the plane is built it tolerates turbulence a little bit better, and you can actually watch the wings fluctuate when it takes off and lands.

We began our flight and started our journey to Sydney to get ready to kick off 2016…


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