Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand

During our time in New Zealand, we kept hearing about this Fergburger and people can’t telling us that we needed to go there. Rumor had it, this was the best burger in all of New Zealand and was a must-go-to restaurant.  However, the one thing to keep in mind was that since it was so popular, it is more than just a burger.  It is an experience.  If you’re in Queenstown, you will not miss Fergburger.

It’s on the main street in downtown Queenstown and it has a line like a club.  You cannot miss it because of the crowds that are all outside of the burger place. You walk up, and there are people controlling the line and making sure that you stand against the wall so that they can leave part of the sidewalk open.  There are employees walking up and down the line with a menu so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to order when you get to the counter.  If you’re anything like me, I always have this fear that I’m going to get up to the counter and blank, especially when I’m at a new restaurant that you order before you can sit.  Luckily, they had their entire menu available that they were handing out to everyone while they waited in line.

The line goes about 30 minutes and then you finally get to the counter, you order and then you go back outside and wait for your food. You can order all different types of burgers but in my opinion, in order to really see if this burger was as great as how others made it out to be – I needed to order the regular burger with the options that they had available.  Luckily, Fergburger has the option to put brie on their cheeseburgers.  Rather than doing just a regular cheeseburger, you can put brie.  I was so excited when I saw that on the menu and knew that it would be what would determine if this was a good burger.

We got through our half an hour wait outside for our food, jumped back in our car and went back to the Airbnb to see just how good these burgers were.  You can actually eat Fergburger but there are minimal seats and it’s crowded.  Outside there is a bench that you can sit at but it felt uncomfortable for me because you’re surrounded by all these people waiting for their food and then all the people walking by staring at the debacle that is the hoards of people waiting for a burger.

Overall, the burger was good.  It was not my favorite, but the brie definitely added a nice touch to the burger.  I’ve had better back in the States but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try out the Fergburger and officially say that I’ve enjoyed the best burger in all of New Zealand.  I don’t know if that claim is actually true since I only ate one burger during the time I was there but regardless, it was good. After finishing our burger and fries, we settled in for a quick tv show and then got ready for bed.  The next day we were heading north!


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