Milford Sound – Landing on a glacier

We continued on our flight and eventually landed on a giant glacier in the middle of Milford Sound. One of the things that I didn’t mention about this particular helicopter ride was that it lands on a glacier and you get the opportunity to get off the helicopter onto the snow and stand at the top of a mountain.  We landed and carefully climbed out of the helicopter onto the glacier.  I was still in my hiking clothes (running leggings, a t-shirt and some Nike Frees) and it did not feel cold up there.  I’m not sure if it was the excitement that I was standing on top of a glacier, or that I just climbed out of a helicopter or that it was actually really warm but regardless it felt amazing. When you get off the helicopter there’s a very limited amount of space that you can actually explore but regardless it is amazing.

Standing there, feeling the wind, staring out at the mountains there were at eye level and some were even lower than me…there’s literally nothing like it.  It’s absolutely gorgeous out there and it’s a great reminder of just how amazing the world can be and just how incredible Mother Nature is.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more content than standing there and just so in awe of how beautiful the world is.  I have these moments a lot but standing on top of that mountain was probably the most memorable of moments ever.  I’ve never seen such beauty in real life and experienced it.  Photos don’t do this place justice.  It felt almost like I was standing in a well photoshopped photograph but there was no photoshop.  This was real life.  The blue skies over the snow capped mountains for as far as the eye could see was real and natural.

After taking an incredible amount of photos and just standing there with 6 other people, we climbed back into our helicopter and began our flight back.  There is something absolutely amazing about being able to fly over these mountains.  Unless you’re an avid mountain climber and hiker, you will miss out on so much of this wonderful place.  There are little pockets all throughout the mountain where glacier water has melted and created little lakes.  Some are so blue that it seems surreal and some are a beautiful turquoise green. If I had to choose between seeing Milford Sound by air or water, I would probably do it by air again.  I’m so happy that I got to see all these extra little treasures and stand on top of the world.

Have you seen Milford Sound by air or water? Which do you prefer?


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