Milford Sound – Getting ready for a flight

After jumping into the car, we began our drive back to the other side of the Homer Tunnel so that we could go on our helicopter ride.  That’s right, we booked a helicopter ride because why not?  And we had been told by everyone that the best ways to experience Milford Sound are by air or by water.  All the water activities had been booked when we arrived so we decided on the helicopter.

We drove back through the tunnel and through the mountains to arrive at the airport.  There, we waited for our turn to arrive so that we could go see Milford Sound from a whole different perspective.

Things to note about these helicopter rides is that they require a minimum of 3 people (plus the pilot, so realistically 4 people at a minimum) and since we were technically only 2 people plus the pilot, we had to wait until more people showed up.  We were finally paired up with a family of 4 and squeezed into the helicopter.  Since there were only two of us as compared to the family of four, we got the front of the helicopter which means a completely unobstructed view of Milford Sound from the air.

We took off into the air and began our journey into the mountains.

I spent the first 5 minutes of this journey staring out of the window in complete awe of what I saw.  You hear about Milford Sound and it sometimes is referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world” but nothing can really quite prepare you for the beauty you see when you begin flying over the mountains.

I’m not sure I can describe this place in words so I’m hoping these pictures can give you a slight idea of how amazing it is…


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