Cafe Gratitude – Los Angeles

My first weekend in LA, one of my best friends came to visit which was amazing and it made the transition to LA just a little bit better.  We went out to lunch in Venice at a place called Cafe Gratitude which is a vegan restaurant that has a few locations around California (I believe predominantly in the Bay Area and LA).  I spent 10 years as a vegetarian and still occasionally choose to eat purely vegetarian so going to an all vegan restaurant was like going back to my food options back in the day when I was a vegetarian.  I have to admit that I appreciate that more and more people have various types of diets because it’s increasing the vegetarian options which I didn’t have back when I started the vegetarian diet.

That being said, I wanted to share this place because of the atmosphere and the idea behind the way they order.  Their food items are named after different affirmations so when you order you say “I AM… ______” so for example, I ordered their vegan mocha and it was called “marvelous.”  I know it seems trivial, but having to say it out loud and have the waitress respond with “You are marvelous” was adorable and very sweet.

Plus, the food.  Oh man.  The food was amazing.  I had the Mucho bowl with a combination of quinoa and rice along with the mocha (aka Marvelous) and it was amazing.  The marvelous might have been my favorite one ever.  It has a little bit of a different flavor than your typical mocha and it was delicious.

After finishing our food, we decided to order a bunch of desserts to go which was a great decision.  Splitting the cookies, their tiramisu and the German chocolate cake was by far one of the better decisions we could have made.  I highly recommend trying out this place next time you’re in town.


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