Seattle Bucket List

When I officially accepted the offer to leave Seattle and my home to move to LA, I decided to create a “Seattle Bucket List.” I had friends constantly asking me what I wanted to do, where I needed to go and what I needed to see before I officially left the city.  So, I went on a three binge of Seattle things I needed to do.  To no one’s surprise, the vast majority of what I needed to complete involved food.  Here’s what I hit up:

  • Pho Bac – my favorite pho place also known as the little red boat where 14th, Jackson and Rainer meet.
  • TNT Tacqueria on 45th – my favorite tacos in all of the city
  • Molly Moons – my favorite ice cream place
  • Hello Robin – my favorite ice cream place mixed with freshly made cookies (my favorite being the flourless Mexican chocolate cookies)
  • Bakery Nouveau – for a twice baked chocolate croissant
  • Rachel’s Ginger Beer – to fill up my growler one more time full of blood orange ginger beer
  • Skillet – to get my favorite mac and cheese one more time
  • Parfait – for some mint stracciatella ice cream
  • Boiling Point – for some last minute hot pot
  • Hard Wok – to get some Taiwanese style shaved ice
  • Tallulah’s – for a good burger
  • Blue Star – for a good ol’ scramble for brunch
  • Portage Bay – for my favorite migas in the city
  • Revel – to get Korean/Japanese fusion ramen for brunch
  • Kizuki – for final ramen
  • Ellenos yogurt – to get my final fix of my favorite Greek yogurt
  • Cafe Presse – for my favorite fries in Seattle
  • Dumpling Generation – for pork and chive dumplings which are hard to find
  • Traditional Korean Beef Soup – for one more bowl of Korean beef soup
  • THE cookie – a 5.5 oz cookie from Metropolitan Market
  • Smith – for a good Scotch egg and some mac and cheese
  • Fat Hen – for baked eggs in marinara sauce
  • Run across the 520 bridge (supposedly the world’s longest floating bridge) in a 10K
  • Get my hair dyed blue by my favorite colorist
  • Get my hair cut by my favorite hair cutting location
  • Cedars – for my forever favorite combination of garlic naan and paneer tikka masala
  • Tanakasan (also known as Godzilla Bar) – for some Tom Douglas Asian fusion. Must have is the Godzilla Burger with jalapeño cream cheese and kimchi
  • Remedy Tea – for a nice pot of tea from the selection of 150 teas. 

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