Adulthood: Moving to LA

2016 has been an adventure to say the least.  I started off the year in Australia then made my way to New Zealand and then finally back to my home in Seattle, Washington.

Going back to work was difficult to say the least.  I feel like going back to a desk job after a vacation is always incredibly difficult but for some reason or another, it was exceptionally difficult. I think it had something to do with the fact that I had officially hit 6 years with my company, 4 years with my current position and I was starting to feel a little stagnant.  I continued to have this feeling that things were moving slowly and I needed to a change.  What ended up happening was nothing like I thought.

I made the decision to start applying for jobs internally at my company and as that slowed down and I couldn’t find anything that really peaked my interest, I started applying externally.  People asked me what kind of job I was looking for and what I was interested in doing and I couldn’t really give a good response.  I went through so many mentor meetings and hang outs with people talking about jobs and things that I was interested in but couldn’t quite find the right industry or job for me.  After a meeting with a mentor, I realized that it wasn’t an industry that was the draw for me and it wasn’t necessarily the work itself that was the draw.

You see, I actually really enjoyed my current job.  But I was working in an industry I didn’t really understand and I was doing super technical things which was 100% outside of my scope of knowledge.  But I really enjoyed my job because it kept me on my toes.  Literally, I would walk into work each day and not know what was in store for me.  The emails that were waiting for me to open them held secrets only the sender would know and would be the home to good news or terrible news about some new issue I had to work.  The best part was that I had the opportunity to work things that I may never touch again.  I enjoyed my job because it was interesting, each day was different, it was challenging, it was the furthest thing from monotonous and it kept me outside of my comfort zone.  Plus I got to travel and it was entirely based on relationships with other people.  After the meeting with my mentor, I realized that I look for qualities in a job.  As long as it keeps me interested, I will find a way to love it.

After a few months of looking for a job, I finally settled on one that has all the qualities I’m looking for and I officially accepted the offer.  That being said, I’m doing something I never thought I would do.  I am moving to Los Angeles, CA. I will be a California resident.

I’ve written so much about how much I love Seattle and how this is my home and will always be my home.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I am leaving and there’s nothing that will hold me back.  And technically at this moment, there is nothing that will bring me back as a resident.  Only if I find a job will I actually move back to this city.

You see, I’ve had lots of friends who have moved away and found their way home but it is because they have family in Seattle.  I do not have family here so that’s where I think I’ve had the hardest time with this decision.

It is the idea that I can always come back, but for me, I need a good reason to pick up my life again to move back. It is this fear that all my friends will continue to live their life without me and I will become some forgotten person whose mark has been erased.  I know that I am being ridiculous but this is something I am genuinely afraid of.

But, I write all the time about flying by the seat of my pants and trying new things.  I talk about solo travel and being single.  I talk about getting out of the habit of talking myself out of doing things.  And so here it goes:

I will be moving to LA to work at a start up. Wish me luck.


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