24 Hours In New York City

It’s New York City.  I’m not sure that any suggest I give to manage wandering this city in 24 hours would do it justice.  So here are a list of things that I love doing in New York that would end up taking significantly more time than 24 hours if you tried to do all of them.

  • Highline Park – this is an old converted train track that runs along Chelsea.  It’s a great walk and gives a nice view of the city.  There’s also a great mural of the famous kiss done with rainbow colors.  It’s beautiful.
  • Chelsea Market – Food. Amazing food everywhere.  Definitely go there if you need food of any sort. There’s also a place in there that sells brownie edges which you can buy in bags to go.  Definitely have purchased bags to take home.  Plus there’s a bakery that has amazing black and white cookies.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – It’s a great walk across the bridge.  When you’re on the Brooklyn side, along the water there is a great taco truck that is there for lunch.  Definitely a great place to grab some food after the walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
  • Karczma Polish Restaurant – This is a great Polish restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that makes amazing pierogies. It’s always packed so be prepared to wait if you don’t get there earlier enough.
  • Wander through Bedford-Stuyvesant – there are great boutiques, quaint little restaurants and cafes to check out
  • Jin Ramen – This is a great ramen place located in Harlem right next to the subway station.  Be prepared to wait if you show up after about 515PM because there are not a lot of tables and it’s that good.  Totally worth the wait
  • Hells Kitchen – If you can find your way into a restaurant there, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Grey Dog – Grey Dog is located in Greenwich and is great for brunch.  I highly recommend this place.
  • Parks – Central Park is great but personally I love Prospect Park so much more.  It is less touristy and feels more separated from the city.
  • Strand Bookstore – This is one of my favorite bookstores in the entire world.  It’s huge, has so much character and there’s so much to see there.  I could spend days exploring that bookstore

Overall, there’s so much to do in NYC that I don’t think I could ever just spend 24 hours in the city.

Do you have any favorites or must-dos in the city?


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