Picton to Christchurch

We picked our car and began our journey down to Christchurch. We landed on the south island on Boxing Day which still counts as a national holiday in New Zealand so many things were still closed.  In addition, most people began their holiday vacations right after Christmas so we were dealing with lines of people and lots of activities as people began dispersing around the island.  Candice and I hadn’t had much to eat at this point besides eggs, toast, and all the snacks we had purchased so as we began driving, we were on the lookout for good food.

As we were driving, we passed a few restaurants and cafes that were still closed but eventually found a tiny little building just along the main road that had about three cars in the gravel parking lot.  

We parked the car and walked into this little bar.  There were a couple people at the bar, two kids running around and a plethora of tables that we could choose from.  We grabbed the menus from the counter and sat down.  According to the owner, their spare ribs were what they were known for.  So, we ordered plate each.  Let’s just say, I’m pretty sure we did not speak for quite some time as we devoured the spare ribs and the fries.  It was amazing.

After stuffing our faces, we began driving along the coast of the south island on our way to Christchurch.  We stumbled upon some black sand beaches and decided to pull over and check out the water.  We managed to find an area that had a restaurant and a full parking lot, so we parked there and wandered down to the water.  The skies were actually fairly gray while we were there and the water was a beautiful turquoise blue.  It was almost unbelievable just how blue-green the water was especially in contrast with the black/gray sand.

Once we finished taking an excessive amount of photos, we continued our drive down to Christchurch.  We eventually got to our Airbnb and got ready to go explore the city.



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