Waitomo to Wellington

We began our 6 hour drive to Wellington from the Waitomo Caves and it was probably not the best thing to be doing when you haven’t really slept and you’ve just gotten off a 14 hour flight but we did it anyway.  We made our way down along the coast of New Zealand and through the rolling hills of the country.  It’s actually really interesting because when you think of the British country side, you think of rolling hills and that’s just how New Zealand is.  Except that there are cows all over the the north island and some sheep.  Since we were there during December, it was beautiful weather filled with blue skies and the sun.

As we began driving through the country side, I began to notice that we weren’t really on a highway as much as an incredibly long two-lane road that allowed you to go about 100 kpm.  Be careful when you’re driving through New Zealand because if you get caught speeding, you will get a ticket.  What’s really interesting is that the entire country is so well kept and maintained that towns pop up and disappear almost without realizing it.  The key sign that you are about to get to a new town is the decrease in speed limit but by the time you realize that you’ve hit a new town, the speed limit increases and you continue on your merry way.  Most of the towns are small and maybe only a couple of blocks long and a couple of blocks wide.

We eventually arrived in Wellington around 6PM and found our Airbnb.  We settled in and got ready for dinner.  As we finally got access to the internet, we realized that our poor planning had bested us.  Christmas Dinner is something that people really treasure and unlike in the States, places are not open in New Zealand for Christmas Dinner.  And for those places that are open, you had to book them months and months in advance and it would cost a couple hundred dollars just for a meal.

Luckily, our Airbnb host had left us food for breakfast which consisted of homemade jam, eggs and toast.  So we cooked up some scrambled eggs, made some toast and then sat down on the front porch and looked out into the Wellington on our super sunny, 70 degree Christmas evening.

After finishing up our food, and cleaning up we decided to hang out in our room and what eventually led to us falling struggling to stay awake past 730PM.  I’m pretty sure I was out cold by 8PM and that ended our day in Wellington. Eventful to say the least.

I’ve heard great things about Wellington and I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to further explore the city, but it was beautiful from what we saw.


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