Waitomo Glowworm Caves

We drove the two hours from the Auckland Airport to the Waitomo Glowworm caves.  Since we landed so early in the day, we arrived at the glowworm caves right as they opened.  We were booked into the first tour with a few other people and began our excursion.  If you ever get a chance to go to the Waitomo caves, I highly recommend it.  We only got to do one tour because that was the only one that was open on Christmas Day but I’ve heard great things about all the other ones.  Our tour guide provided us some awesome history on the caves and he had a great sense of humor.  Once you get down into the caves, you can see what mother nature can really do and the beauty that it can create.  Plus the acoustics in there are amazing.  We got the opportunity to list to our guide sing in the middle of the cave and just take in the sights, the sounds and the feelings of being very overwhelmed. After walking through the caves, we loaded into a boat and the guide turned out all the lights.  We drifted into the middle of the cave and stared up at the thousands and thousands of glowworms hanging above us.

If you get a chance to go see glowworms, don’t think about what they are or how they hang from the ceiling of caves.  If you do start to think about it, don’t open your mouth in awe when you stare up at the ceiling.  It can feel like a terrible idea. Sitting in the boat, the ask you to stay as silent as possible so that you can take it all in.  As we sat in the boat, the gentle swaying of the water, the dripping of the water from the cave ceilings into the pool  and the thousands glowworm really left me completely speechless.  There are no words to describe that feeling.  It’s like those moments where you leave a city to sit in the middle of nowhere and all you see are thousands and thousands of stars just hanging out above you.  It’s almost like that feeling but magnified since you are so much closer to the twinkling lights and they’re more concentrated.  It’s definitely an experience I recommend to anyway.

After a few minutes, we made our way out of the cave in the light and began the rest of our journey through New Zealand.



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