Australia and New Zealand

In August 2015, I decided I wanted to travel over the holidays.  My family isn’t big on the holidays so they were okay with it. Luckily with work, we get a break from December 24th to the day after the New Year off.  It’s a nice little week and a half with the weekend that helps with any big trips one might decide to do.  My friend Candice wanted to travel too so we decided we would.  The original plan was Chile and Argentina but flights were expensive and would take us over 24 hours to get there from Seattle.  So we decided to settle on New Zealand.  December in the Northern Hemisphere means summer time in the southern hemisphere so it made sense. We spent the next few months texting and talking about making this trip but never actually acted on it.  I left for 3 weeks in September and then during my brief 2 week period back in the States before heading out to Asia, we decided we needed to buy our tickets.  So we found some time, purchased our tickets separately while talking on the phone and then I left for the airport to go on my Asia adventure.

We originally bought our ticket as a roundtrip from Seattle to Auckland because we didn’t think that we would have enough time to go to any other countries while we were on our trip.  Little did we know that those plans would change but it was so worth it.

After buying our ticket, we both kind of forgot that we were going to be traveling in December.  By the time I got back from Asia, I went to California for work for a week and then Thanksgiving hit and December had snuck up on us.  About three weeks before we were supposed to leave, it dawned on us that we needed to get our act together and actually start planning our trip to the Southern Hemisphere.

We sat down in a coffee shop and began to plan our trip.


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