Travel Necessities

It’s getting to a point where I have created a nice little collection of staples that I always have for all my trips.  Here a few of my go to items:

  • Eagle Creek compression bags.  Have you ever used these?  When I travel with a suitcase or have to travel with items that shouldn’t be too wrinkled, I use these bags to keep my clothes packed away and in good condition. If I don’t use the compression bags, everything goes rolled up and shoved into every single area of open space in my bag which makes for a lot of work to de-wrinkle everything.  You can usually find these at your typical outdoor stores.  I got mine at REI  on sale for about $25 but they typically run around $30+.
  • Personal towel.  I usually bring these for my longer trips when I’m staying in hostels or if I’m going to go swimming.  I got mine at REI on sale for about $15 and it is an extra large.  Realistically when its fully expanded, it is as tall as I am and it is microfiber and dries super quick. It is actually folds up to be smaller and thinner than a pair of jeans.
  • A pair of track pants or leggings.  These are necessary and key for the long haul flights.  I love them so much.
  • Tieks.  If you’ve never seen Tieks or you don’t know what they are, I highly recommend them.  They are on the pricier side for flats but they fold and are super handy for travel.
  • Headphones.  Necessary for all travel.  I prefer earbuds but I know people who have use the over the ear ones.  They’re harder for me to pack so I usually avoid bringing those.
  • Fresh Face Wash. Sephora sells this in a travel size which is great.  I can bring this without needing to worry about make up wipes.  I like this because it is a great make up remover and I don’t feel like it is harsh on my skin.  Plus it is really great for just cleansing your face after a long day.
  • Collagen Booster. This is a great serum but I love it for more than just being a serum.  After a 14 hour flight, this wakes up my skin and cools it down leaving me feeling really refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Kindle.  I used to pack 2-3 books for all my long haul flights.  My Kindle allows me to bring more books without the weight.
  • Sunglasses.  I found a pair of foldable sunglasses at Forever 21 years ago and they are the most amazing things ever.  They are hard to break and don’t take up much space. Plus, since they were super cheap, it’s okay if they break cause I’m sure I can find a replacement.
  • Packable jacket.  I have a few of these and they are great. These are full size jackets that pack up into their own pockets or smaller pouches.  I’ve seen them at Lululemon, Oiselle, Patagonia and Uniqlo.  As of right now, it’s become one of my top criteria for any future jackets.
  • A scarf.  You just never know what you’re going to be doing.  It’s always nice to have a scarf just in case you go somewhere that requires a little bit more coverage.
  • Band-Aid Friction Stick.  I love this thing for when I’m going to be walking long distances. It helps prevent blisters.
  • Travel toothbrush.  I got a travel toothbrush from Target for $2 and it folds up which is perfect for me.  It doesn’t take up much space and is great for travel.

These are just a few of the things that I always bring.  Do you have anything travel staples?


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