Episode 23: Taichung – Weddings and receptions

After the engagement party, we participated in the wedding activities.  One of the things that I’ve never experienced before would be the “games” that the groom has to go through before he’s allowed to meet up with the bride.  The bridesmaids for this wedding had fun little games like putting pictures in chronological order and recognizing what her bite looks like.  For every game that he didn’t guess correctly, the groom and the groomsmen had to do embarrassing things like K-Pop girl band poses, recreating dance moves, and doing pushups.  After successfully completing all the activities, the wedding occurs and then you send off the groom and bride with fireworks for good luck.

I haven’t been around real firecrackers in awhile and it’s quite alarming when they’re going off about 15 feet from you.

After everyone arriving back at the hotel, we followed usual traditions that included having someone jump on the marital bed for good luck and took a bunch of group pictures before getting lunch and some time to relax.

We relaxed for about 3 hours before it was time to meet up with the group in the hotel lobby again and go to the reception.  One thing to keep in mind is that weddings aren’t always about dancing.  This wedding was about food, food and more food.  We arrived a restaurant and sat down for our 5 hour meal.  It was a seafood dinner full of speeches, drinks, good company and happiness.


After the food came out, it was time for the dances.  It was great because both the bride and the groom had organized dances that they performed for each other and it was by far one of the most adorable things ever.  It’s great to see some of your friends bust out dance moves in front of a bunch of people you don’t know.

Taiwanese weddings are great fun.  It’s actually really interesting to attend weddings in different cultures.  Just the month before I had attended a Chinese/Mexican wedding that had dancing and went for hours upon hours of partying.  While during the Taiwanese wedding, we spent all of our time eating and engaging in conversation.  In fact there wasn’t much room for a dance floor.  Granted, this was also the biggest wedding I have ever been too.  There were probably over 400 people at this wedding in the restaurant.  There was definitely no way we could have had a giant dance party in a place where we had dinner.  It’s always a lot of fun to see how different traditions play out in weddings.

After the wedding, we took mass amounts of group photos, piled into multiple cars and headed back to the hotel.  This was happened to be our last night together as a group, so we decided to do one last activity as a group.  We changed into regular clothing and then headed out to a karaoke bar just down the street. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of karaoke, but when in Taiwan, might as well try it out.  We got our room with snacks and drinks and began singing.  One thing to note, we didn’t have too many options for English songs so most of our time was spent singing 90’s pop songs which was amazing. We had a great time singing to N*Sync and Backstreet Boys and even threw in some Chinese songs.  There’s something awesome about a group singing a song in another language, especially given that most of the people who sang couldn’t read the words but had just heard the song so much that they already knew the words. It is probably the only time in my life I will ever sing in Chinese in public.

After our time was up, we wandered back to our hotel and settled in for the night.


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