Episode 21: Taichung Day 1

We arrived at the Taichung Harbor Hotel and began the chaos that is trying to give 16 people hotel room keys and share the itinerary. Jennie and I shared a room and the room was amazing.  The hotel was actually almost completely booked because there were two weddings that had parties staying there.  The hotel room was beautiful and ended up being what felt like three rooms. The main room, the bathroom and the shower/bathtub could have been a whole room on its own.

As we wandered around the room getting settled in, we explored what the room had to offer.  The best thing was probably the Japanese toilet that had the menu for heated seats, music, bidet and various other types of options.

One of the few things that our group loved the entire trip was snapchatting everything and then each person reliving each day. So as we settled into the hotel room, logged onto the wifi and began reliving our day – each person’s snap chat was filled with pictures of the fancy toilet. It’s great to see just how the simple things come out to be the most entertaining for the entire group.  You can tell that we are friends given the sense of humor.

Around 5PM we headed downstairs to catch the bus for the organized night market trip. The groomsmen had to do the rehearsal dinner but the rest of us got to go to the Taichung Night Market for dinner.  We ended up sitting in traffic for about an hour to get there which was unfortunate but it still left us plenty of time to get food. We were starving by the time we arrived at the night market and bought the first food we saw which luckily was a dumpling stand.


There is something absolutely amazing about freshly made dumplings.  We ordered 10 per person and began walking into the heart of the night market. Surprisingly enough, this might have been the best night market we went too. The food options at this night market was probably the best food we’ve had with some amazing options.

My favorites were the green onion pancakes that were layered upon each other with cheese in between each layer.  This sounds weird but apparently cheese is becoming a thing in Asia.  It was surprisingly really good but not something I would plan on recreating at home. I also loved the bao with wu hua rou which is a type of super fatty pork.  You can typically recognize it by the color which is red and and white in a striped pattern.  I love this stuff but we didn’t get it very often growing up.  It takes awhile to cook and my mom would only make it during the holidays but we were only allowed a few pieces per sitting because of how fatty it is.  But the bao that we had crushed peanuts, shredded cabbage, pickled vegetables and wu hua rou. There was an option to put cheese but I didn’t opt for that.


This bao was probably one of the best things I’ve ever consumed.  It was so good and the bao was freshly made and the perfect texture. After trying various foods, we had to head back to the bus at about 8PM so I decided I needed to get some snacks for the remainder of the night.  I got a bag of fresh guava and rose apples that I snacked on while we walked by the dumpling place and I ordered another box of freshly made dumplings.  To top off the night, I ordered some watermelon milk.  It was essentially a milk-watermelon slushy that was absolutely delicious. We sat in a park outside of the market and waited for the rest of the group to get back to the bus.

The night ended with watching some TV, some more snacking and then going to bed early since we had a long day ahead of us for the wedding.


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