Commercial Break: 24 Hours in Vancouver, Canada

Living in Seattle, Vancouver is just a short drive away.  It’s great because ever since I was in college, we would make short little trips up there for the weekend.  Typically leave Thursday or Friday and then spend the weekend.  It’s only about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive dependent on traffic and border control. Back in October a few of us went up just for the day and here are some of the things that I think you could do in just 24 hours there.

  • Eat.  If you go during the summer or early fall, there is a giant night market in Richmond which is one of the neighborhoods of Vancouver.  There is a large Asian population in Richmond so there are fantastic places to eat and foods that you typically won’t find elsewhere. The biggest night market in all of North America is in Richmond and it is very close to the YVR airport.  If you get a chance to go, definitely worth it.  Also, there is a great dim sum place called “Fisherman’s Terrace” and it is 100% worth the wait.
  • Gas Town.  This is a great neighborhood of Vancouver and it has more of a hipster/trendy vibe.  There are amazing little local restaurants, shops and galleries you can check out while you’re there.
    • I highly recommend Bao Down which is a great bao restaurant that is delicious and has a fantastic spin on the traditional bao options.
    • Vegan Pudding & Co.  This is a great little restaurant front just outside of Gas Town and it has amazing vegan pudding.  We stumbled upon this place on accident and ended up eating there twice in 5 hours.
  • China Town.  There are amazing pastries, restaurants and places to check out.
  • If you’re there at night and need some night life, check out Granville Street.  During the day it is a regular street with shopping and restaurants but at night, they shut down the street to cars and it opens up to pedestrians.  All the bars open up and it becomes the perfect place to bar hop.
  • Stanley Park.  This is a giant park in Vancouver with a great view of the water and you can sit and watch boats go by on their way to the ocean.  It has some restaurants and walking paths.  We only spent about half an hour there but it’s a huge park that would take you awhile to get through so if you go, plan for the time to spend there.
  • The coastline of the city.  There’s a giant whale sculpture that you can check out along the waterfront.  You can see some of the ferrys and the coastline of the city.
  • Shopping in downtown. There’s actually a fantastic range of shops in Vancouver that beat out what is available in Seattle.  It wasn’t until recently that we had to drive up to Vancouver to get access to some cities.
  • Take a run.  Vancouver actually hosts the Lululemon half marathon and marathon.  It’s a great running city and has a beautiful view when you go running along the coast.

Is there anything you love about Vancouver that you think is a must see for someone who has a few hours there?


2 thoughts on “Commercial Break: 24 Hours in Vancouver, Canada

  1. guaipai says:

    Athlete’s village is a neat place stroll, take in the city and grab a bite. There is also a simple good restaurant called deer garden in Richmond – pick your own broth, type of noodles, meats and sides.


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