Episode 12: Flying to Taipei

For those that have flown out of Thailand you know that you have quite a few questions to answer to when you leave. Our group left for the airport in two hired taxis because when you get to split 2000 Thai Baht (aka $55 USD) between about 8 people, it’s totally worth it. We arrived at BKK and checked in for our Eva flight.  One of the fun things about this is that we all bought our tickets separately but managed to all pick the exact same flight to Taipei even though there were about 5 or 6 pretty decent options.

We checked in for our flight and had to deal with the 7 kg rule that Eva has imposed for their carry-ons.  I’m find that this is a more common thing now days.  We also had to go through the hassle of confirming that we were actually leaving Taipei and not staying.  We had to do the same thing when we flew into Thailand.  Tip: When you’re flying outside of the U.S. and Europe (have yet to experience this in Europe) be prepared with a copy of your flight confirmation home.  It can be a real hassle when you’re standing at the counter trying to get access to the internet so you can pull up the flight information to confirm you are actually going home. Flight numbers don’t 100% do it so an email confirmation or the website booking helps avoid any confusion.

After checking in, we all made our way to security and passport control.  When you first enter Thailand, you get an arrival and a departure card.  You need to remember your departure card.  Otherwise, you have to fill it out at the airport and there aren’t a lot of reminders that you need to do this.  Some of the passport control agents you get when you arrive in Thailand will staple the departure card to your passport so you can’t lose it. Others will just hand it back to you and leave you to fend for yourself.  Luckily I had it stapled in mine and now I have a random staple to mark my time in Thailand. Thank you Bangkok passport control.  We stood in line and the competitive side of us took hold.  We stared at the lines, split up and tried to decide who was going to make it through first.  The most entertaining would be the people who thought they had picked the right line only to realize they didn’t fill out the departure card and had to step aside to fill it out.

We finally made it to our gate and the way that BKK is set up, you need to present your passport and boarding pass to get to the actual boarding area.  So only do this if you’re ready to board and you don’t need anything else. Otherwise it’s a hassle because you have to do it every time you leave and come back.  We shopped around for a bit, and then hung out in the boarding area and waited our turn to board the plane.

When I travel alone, I try my hardest to make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  I know that it sounds a little bit ridiculous but I hate drawing attention to myself when I travel alone.  It’s my way of trying to avoid the spotlight and helps with my own sense of safety.  Plus, I don’t want to be THAT person.  I love that when I’m in Asia, I can actually blend in and not stand out completely like a tourist.  Granted, this is just when I’m walking around. As soon as I open my mouth, it’s game over and everyone knows that I’m completely clueless.

That being said, when we boarded the flight, it was like a scene out of a movie.  People were poking fun at each other, talking loudly and it was like a reunion on a plane because we’re cool and we were excited.  This was the last flight we needed to take before our friend got married.  And that started the last full leg of our journey, we took off and made our way to Taipei, Taiwan.



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