Commercial Break: 24 Hours in Seattle

If you’ve never been to Seattle, and you have the opportunity to check out the city, I highly recommend it. You can either stop by and see all the touristy activities or you can try to see the city like a local.  Here are a few things that you can pick and choose from dependent on what you’re interested in.

Things to see:

  • The Space Needle.  This is a great place to visit but to be honest, not a lot of locals have actually gone to the top of the Space Needle.  Because this city is so full of hills, there are many different locations that you can actually get to that will show you an amazing skyline of the city.  It’s still pretty cool and there’s a rotating restaurant at the top if you’re interested.
  • Pike Place Market.  It’s the famous waterfront market that you can check out.  You’ve probably seen all the videos of the fish throwing, and it happens at the market.  You can take a few hours walking through the market to see what local retailers have to offer.  There are amazing trinket shops and cool places where you can sample what local products are available. I love that place, but mainly because there’s great food.  Some of my favorites would be:
    • Daily Dozen Donuts
    • Le Panier
    • Me Sum Pastry
    • Pike Place Bakery
    • Piroshky – Piroshky
    • Beecher’s
    • Lowell’s
  • Downtown Seattle.  If you like shopping, downtown Seattle is just up the street from the Market.  You can see the Flagship Nordstrom, a lot of shopping options and some food options.
  • EMP (Experience Music Project).  This is the crazy building just underneath the Space Needle. This place has amazing art, media and music focused exhibits.  I highly recommend it.
  • Kerry Park. This park is in the Queen Anne neighborhood and looks out over the sound. It’s almost always packed but the view is amazing and totally worth it.

If you only have 24 hours, here’s the route that I think would give you a good taste of Seattle (please note that this is just my opinion and based on what I love).

  • Start in downtown, have brunch/breakfast/coffee at the Market. Check out what there is down there including the ‘first’ Starbucks and all the food options.
  • Wander through downtown and head into Westlake and take the monorail to the Seattle Center.  Check out the Space Needle and the EMP.  Then either cab, uber, drive or walk up to Kerry Park and see the city.
  • From there, head out to Ballard/Fremont/Wallingford.  It depends on what you’re interested in seeing as each of these neighborhoods has it’s own little character but they’re all within close proximity of each other. They’re all full of great foods and little boutiques. I would recommend lunch in Ballard but all three neighborhoods have amazing foods.
  • After you check out those neighborhoods, head out to Capitol Hill.  Check out the neighborhood and see what it has to offer.  I love 15th Ave (partially because I used to live up there) but Broadway is full of great things to see and great food to try.  Check out the amazing shops, the coffee shops and the character on Capitol Hill.
  • Afterwards, if it’s time for dinner, I recommend food either in the Pike/Pine corridor, 15th Ave or 19th Ave.  There are amazing restaurants up and down these streets.  For dessert go to Molly Moon’s because that is an amazing local ice cream shop.
  • If you’re still full of energy, the Pike/Pine corridor is lined with bars that you can check out.  Or places for a late night snack and a drink.

You could walk this route if you were ambitious, it would help you see all the hidden treasures of the city or you could try public transportation. Hopefully you fall in love with what you see and experience here!


4 thoughts on “Commercial Break: 24 Hours in Seattle

  1. Rambling Words of a Disparaging Wino says:

    That can definitely all be done in 24 hours. My mom came to visit me and we did just about all of that and we actually got a late start in the day. It’s a good, simple list! 🙂


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