Episode 9: Pattaya to Koh Larn

The next morning, we decided that for our only full day in Pattaya we weren’t going to hang in Pattaya, we were going to go to Koh Larn which is an island off the coast of Pattaya. We went down to the beach and caught a water taxi over to Koh Larn.  The taxi cost about 30 Baht which is about $0.83 USD in the current exchange rate.  One thing to keep is in mind is that, personal safety is just that.  Your own personal safety.  If you don’t feel comfortable jumping onto an old boat that has 2 people for every 1 life jacket, then you may want to wait until the next taxi shows up. We put all 16 of us on the water taxi and began the half an hour boat ride to Koh Larn.

We arrived at Na Ban Pier, walked around a bit and then decided we wanted to go somewhere a little less crowded so we caught a beach taxi to the smallest beach on Koh Larn, Tayaiy.  We arrived and realized that there was no one there which is the reason why it was probably the smallest beach.  They don’t have many options for food and there isn’t much to do there.  So we hopped in our taxi and headed to Nual beach which is known as the Monkey Beach on that island.


We spent most of our day here. Relaxing on the beach, checking out the monkeys (really just staring at them from a distance because they were at the top of the mountain), eating, swimming, and napping.  I’m not usually into beach days and relaxing on beaches, mainly because it makes me sleepy and I’m terrified of sun burns. But this ended up being a great day with a great people.  After we were finally ready to go, we found the owner of one of the speed boats docked at the beach and negotiated a good deal to have him take us back to Pattaya without us having to go back to the water taxi.

We boarded our speed boat and made our way back to Pattaya. We got back to the house, relaxed and then got ready for our dinner. There’s a restaurant in Pattaya on the beach called “The Glass House”  which is this adorable place hidden off the main road.  You can eat in what looks like a glass house or you can eat your dinner on the beach.  We decided to eat on the beach and stared out into the water with adorable hanging lights as we ate our dinner.


The food was eclectic and had something for everyone.  Many of the dishes were seafood based but they had lots of rice and noodle based dishes.  The drinks were delicious and very tropical which is what you would expect for great weather.

After the food, we separated boys and girls.  The 4 girls (yes, cause there were only 4 of us at this point) headed back to the house to have a girls night and the boys went out to do what boys do on a bachelor party.

Our time overall in Pattaya was super relaxing and what you would expect from hanging out in a coastal city.  Unfortunately, since we were technically there for a bachelor party – the girls nights were not as interesting as the boys nights but I still loved hanging out and relaxing.

The next day, we headed back to Bangkok for our last night in Thailand.


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