Episode 8: Pattaya, Pattaya

On the way to Bangkok, our little group of 4 split up into 2 groups.  The girls took the earlier flight to Bangkok and waited for the boys at the BKK airport.  From there, we met up with our driver to take us to Pattaya.  One thing to note, typically I don’t travel with a “driver” or anything like that.  But we were staying in Pattaya and our friend had gotten a great deal for two drivers to drive our group of 16 around Pattaya and back to Bangkok.

We arrived at the house as it started raining and realized that the vast majority of the group was missing.  They had taken the other driver to the grocery store to buy food for the two days that we were there.  So we settled into our room and hung out waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

The way that the group was split was was the six boys without their significant others shared the top room, the two couples each got their own room, the groom and his brother shared a room and Jennie and I got our room only connected to the house by one wall.  I couldn’t have asked for a better set up.  Our room was essentially sound proof since it looked out over the pool so it was necessary to be well insulated.

The first night, we did group dinner and then…I fell asleep.  I went into the room to nap at 7 and that’s how I know the room was sound proof.  I missed the pool party and the shenanigans in my nap turned actually going to bed.  I think the jetlag was a bit delayed for me and the fact that we hit the ground running in Vietnam, it had officially all caught up with me.  At least I was well rested for the rest of the trip…



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